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Miller’s Merry Manor

MHS has 30+ nursing care and rehabilitation facilities across the state of Indiana. These facilities provide a wide variety of services, including short-term rehabilitation, dementia care, long-term residency, hospice care, and adult day services.

Miller’s Senior Living

MHS operates assisted living facilities in 12 communities in Indiana. These properties offer the freedom of independent living with the comforts of personal care services, housekeeping, restaurant style dining, and the availability of staff 24 hours a day.


Theracare offers Physical, Occupational, and Speech Therapy at Miller’s nursing care centers and multiple non-MHS facilities. In addition to the care provided by our therapists, Theracare offers business consulting and supplemental staffing services.

Home Health Care Solutions

We believe individuals should have the right to receive safe, professional care in the comfort of their own residence. We are committed to the care of individuals within the structure of their own environments, allowing maximum independence and retention of self-respect.


Since 1964, Indiana families have looked to Miller’s Health Systems for compassionate care for their loved ones. This once family owned and operated company evolved over time to expand beyond traditional nursing home care. Today, Miller’s facilities across the state offer rehabilitation services, adult day care services, assisted living and traditional long-term nursing care. Many of our facilities have specialized units to care for those with Alzheimer’s and other dementia or for loved ones in need of hospice care. We strongly believe in the value of providing quality care for individuals in locations that help them stay close to home. In addition to services provided within the walls of our Miller’s facilities, we also operate a therapy company and have a partnership in a home health care company.

Just over a decade ago, Miller’s Health Systems transitioned to a 100% employee owned company with a workforce of well over 3000 throughout the state of Indiana. Miller’s is known for achievements in quality, with an emphasis on education and technology and is one of the largest 100% employee owned health care providers in the nation.